EMIC team

The EMIC learning programme will create an unique environment for sharing experiences and strengthening bonds with other colleagues, and fostering a support network for future intercultural experiences and professional contacts.

In this way, the EMIC project will capitalise on the potential EM provides for developing a multi-faceted intercultural competence and thereby improve both the student experience and the international aspect of EM programmes. EMIC will build on interdisciplinary and intersectoral research and practice on intercultural competence development. The project integrates four disciplinary perspectives, drawing on the experience of the key researchers in this study:

  • a) intercultural competence in higher education,
  • b) intercultural competence in non-profit sector,
  • c) intercultural competence in the industry;
  • d) intercultural competence and technology.

The first three (sectoral) perspectives are underpinned by technology as a transversal support mechanism, viewed as a key enabler in supporting the development of intercultural competence, as shows the following diagram.


EMIC network and expertise.

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