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EMIC certificates are here!

After the completion of the EMIC Learning Programme, the participants received their EMIC certificates. The certificates are a result of hard work, deep reflection and engagement that the participants from various Erasmus Mundus joint degrees put into developing their intercultural competence throughout the EMIC Project. In the end 22 students from participating Master programmes received an Attendance Certificate after participation in the face-to-face workshop. 6 further students received a full Certificate of Completion of the EMIC Learning Programme after participating in both the face-to face workshop and online platform learning. Student engagement and progress was impressive and everyone truly deserved their certificates. The EMIC team is hoping these certificates can help Erasmus Mundus students and alumni in CV and profile building, but more importantly help in their careers and life in a very internationalised and intercultural world. We are sure that the participants engaged in our programme will continue their Intercultural Competence development process and help others in similar situations as a mediator.

Sergio Ramírez receiving his Completion Certificate.

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