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EMIC news

EMIC certificates are here!

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After the completion of the EMIC Learning Programme, the participants received their EMIC certificates. The certificates are a result of hard work, deep reflection and engagement that the participants from various Erasmus Mundus joint degrees put into developing their intercultural competence throughout the EMIC Project. In the end 22 students from participating Master programmes received an Attendance Certificate after participation in the face-to-face workshop. 6 further students received a full Certificate of Completion of the EMIC Learning Programme after participating in both the face-to face workshop and online platform learning. Student engagement and progress was impressive and everyone truly deserved their certificates. The EMIC team is hoping these certificates can help Erasmus Mundus students and alumni in CV and profile building, but more importantly help in their careers and life in a very internationalised and intercultural world. We are sure that the participants engaged in our programme will continue their Intercultural Competence development process and help others in similar situations as a mediator.

Sergio RamĂ­rez receiving his Completion Certificate.

Evaluation preview

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The EMIC team is ultimating the evaluation report!

If you were in some way involved with the project, if you collaborated or participated with the learning programme or workshops you can still give us your opinions and thoughts just contact us via or answer our qualitative feedback questionnaire until the 5th of october.

If you would like to see a small preview of how the project is proving to have come along, check out the slides presented at the Porto Roundtable Event!

Final evaluation coming up soon.

Round Table Event in Porto

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On the 28th of September the EMIC Partnership organised the EMIC Round Table event. The event was hosted by the University of Porto, Faculty of Economics with special roles from our partners Ms Helena Martins and Dr Teresa Proenca. The meeting was attended by 18 members of the project, student participating in the EMIC programme, representative of associated partners, representative of the EACEA and representatives of other higher education institutions that work with international students.

It was a final EMIC event presenting the main outcomes of the project. The project focussed on the experience of Erasmus Mundus Master Courses (EMMCs) and their students who participated in the EMIC Learning Programme. The meeting included discussion and feedback on the EMIC Toolkit that aims to provide support for other institutions for organising their own customised, integrated and flexible intercultural development programmes based on the project research.

The meeting ended with discussions of usability and the future of the EMIC Toolkit and expressions of interest of several institutions in champion the work further in their practice. The Round Table was followed by the internal project meeting with the ECAEA representatives where finalisation of the project was discussed and agreed on.

Participants to the Round Table event in Porto.

Dr Dane Lukic directing the Round Table.

You can find the slides from the meeting on the following link:EMIC Porto Round Table slides

EMIC Toolkit Draft

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The Erasmus Mundus Intercultural Competence (EMIC) project developed an integrated learning programme in order to help Erasmus Mundus students deal with issues of cultural diversity and, from a developmental perspective, use intercultural contexts to their advantage. Learning is contextualised within students’ own experience to allow them to compare the theoretical concepts with situations they encounter in their everyday study and life.

Based on the EMIC project experience, the EMIC Toolkit has been developed.The purpose of the EMIC Toolkit is to provide a flexible tool to support developing intercultural competences in similar contexts as the Erasmus Mundus programme. This Toolkit is composed of a series of learning activities and resources to be used as a reflection tool to support students develop intercultural competence. Activities are organised in a blended modality: 10 hours of face-to-face workshop and 8 to 11 hours of online activities. The EMIC Toolkit also offers easy to use strategies for customising and implementing contextualised learning activities in the users’ own cultural and academic contexts through guidelines and examples of good practices.

You can view the toolkit on the following link: EMIC Toolkit Draft

Pleas note that this EMIC Toolkit is a draft version and that the final version will be published on this website once all the feedback from reviewers has been received and graphic design completed. If you have any comments on the current version please forward to

EMIC present in EDULEARN15

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The EMIC team was on the EDULEARN Conference organised in Barcelona, Spain on the 6th, 7th and 8th of July, 2015. Dale Lukic and Melina Solari presented the paper Developing Intercultural Competence in Erasmus Mundus Reflective practice through technoloy-enhanced learning. An interesting discussion was carried on with the assistants to the presentation.

Dane Lukic and Melina Solari representing EMIC in Edulearn.

EMIC Learning Programme

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Based on the training recommendations, particular learning needs in terms of content, literature review and research owns training experience, the EMIC Learning Programme was developed. The EMIC Learning Programme is aimed at further developing student’ intercultural competence for a competitive international labour market and mobility. The EMIC learning Programme consists of:

  • 2 day face-to-face Workshop
  • Engagement with the EMIC Online Learning Platform (interactive learning activities, learning resources – estimated from 8 to 10 hours of students workload)
  • Filling an EMIC questionnaire before and after the training to evaluate impact of the Learning programme

The blended learning approach where learning was undertaken both in face-to-face workshop and in an online arena was very important for addressing the needs comprehensively.

You can view more info about the programme on the following link: EMIC Learning Programme

Face-to-face Workshops

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The Concise Baseline Report was available on November 2014. Based on these findigs, a blended modality Learning Programme was designed from December 2014 to March 2015. The EMIC team carried-out the programme workshop in 2015 for 27 students from the following consortia:

  • Euromime, on April 17th-18th in Lisbon
  • GIM, on May 8th-9th, 2015 in Glasgow
  • MALL, on June 4th-5th in Copenhagen
  • WOP-P, on June 10th-11th in Valencia

EMIC Workshop in Valencia

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The fourth and last EMIC face-to-face workshop took place 10-11 June 2015 in Valencia at Faculty of Psychology, University of Valencia.  There were 8 WOP-P Erasmus Mundus studentswho attended the training. The students were coming from Austria, Italy, Portugal, and Brasil. All of the students were in their first year of the joint master degree.  Students noted the link between the intercultural competence learning concepts and activities and their studies of psychology and future career.

Intense rubbish issues simulation.

Personal EMIC goals explanation.

EMIC Workshop in Copenhagen

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The third EMIC workshop took place 4-5 June 2015 in Copenhagen at the Department of Education, Aarhus University. The ten MALLL students who attended the training were from Italy, USA, the Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Thailand and Kazakhstan. A new feature of this workshop was the presence of both first- and second-year students at the same time.

Defining personal goals within the EMIC model.

These are MALLL students movements.

EMIC Online Platform

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on EMIC Online Platform

The EMIC online platform was launched on June 1st. The first two Erasmus Mundus Masters who completed the face-to-face workshops (EUROMIME and GIM) will be engaging with the platform from now on. The remaining two Masters who are yet to participate on face to face workshops (MALL and WOP-P) will start working with the platform after their workshops. The online part of the EMIC Learning Programme will last until August 17th.

General overview of the EMIC online platform