The EMIC Consortium is formed by 4 core partners and 4 associate partners (EMMCs consortia):

  • Core partners:
    Glasgow Caledonian Unviersity, UK (co-ordinating institution)
    University of Deusto, Spain
    University of Porto, Portugal
    University for Peace, Costa Rica
  • Associate partners
    EUROMIME: European Master in Media Engineering for Education
    MALLL: Erasmus Mundus Master in Lifelong Learning Policy and Management
    WOP-P: Master in Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology
    EMA: Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association

In addition to the core expertise of the partner institutions, the EMIC project builds on specific expertise of the academics involved, which fall along the spectrum of the four areas relevant for intercultural competence. Thee green square indicates the Erasmus Mundus alumni academics working in the partner institutions and their expertise that contributes to the EMIC project. The blue square indicates senior academics in each partner institution who contribute their specific expertise to the project.


EMIC partners’ individual expertise around the four related areas of Intercultural Competence.



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