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University of Porto

The University of Porto is one of the top-ranked Portuguese universities. Its School of Economics and Management (FEP.UPorto) is an institution of national and international reference, and is among the best Portuguese schools of Economics and Management. FEP.UP has been participating in several International research programmes with several universities such as Manchester Business School, Programme Austin Texas among others. The partners at the University of Porto are experts in organisational behaviour and human resources management, and so FEP.UP members are able to bring the business perspective of intercultural competence and the related workplace learning perspective to the project. In addition, they are experts in evaluation methods, which are essential for the proposed project.


Dr. (c) Helena Martins

Helena Martins works as a part-time Lecturer in the Porto Polytechnic Institute and in the University of Porto. She is currently developing her PhD in Human Resources Management “The relationship of Perceptions of Human Resources Management Practices and Worker-Organization Relationship with Performance: a case study in a large Portuguese Hospital” which is a project aimed at investigating and developing the worker-organization relationship in Healthcare Workplace. Besides her research in human resources management, she has experience in professional behavior training as well as involvement with youth and student organizations. Helena is an active member of Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association (EMA) where she has represented her Erasmus Mundus Course. Helena’s research interests include the worker-organization relationship, psychometric properties of psychological evaluation instruments, intercultural competences, communication skills, andragogy and methodology. In addition to her research interests, she is a trainer delivering workshops and trainings at both corporations and NGOs using both presencial and next generation learning.


Dr. Teresa Proença

Teresa Proença is a lecturer at University of Porto and since 2010 the Director of the MSc Program in Human Resources Management and Economics and member of the scientific board of the MSc in Services Management at School of Economic and Management, University of Porto. She has published in a number of journals, including the International Journal of Human Resource Management, the International Journal of Human Resource Development and Management and the Employee Relations, among others. She supervises several PhD and MSc thesis, in areas such as Management Development, Entrepreneurship and HRM, Management in the Third Sector, Volunteer Management, Empowerment, among others. Teresa Proença also lectured at Portuguese Catholic University and Porto Business School. Since 1991, she has been responsible for different courses, including Social Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Management, Negotiation, Research Methodology and Soft Skill Seminars, in Undergraduate, MBA, MSc, PhD and Executive Programs. At Porto Business School she is the Coordinator of two executive graduation programs, Human Resources Management and Non Profit Organizations Management. Additionally, she was member of the scientific board of the Doctoral Program in Business and Management Studies, School of Economic and Management, University of Porto from 2007 to 2010. After her under-graduation in Psychology, Teresa Proença has worked as a consultant in recruitment, selection and management development programs (leadership skills, communication skills and team building). At the same time she developed her studies in management, by attending an MBA and concluding her MSc dissertation. After, she developed her PhD research with the scientific supervision of Prof. Yves Livian, at the Institut d’Administration d’Entrepsises (IAE), Université Jean Moulin, Lyon III, France. During her career, she has been aware of the main debates in Human Resources Management, attending numerous international and national conferences and workshops. She has been involved in research regarding pedagogical competencies and intervention in the University of Porto.

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