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EMIC Toolkit Draft

The Erasmus Mundus Intercultural Competence (EMIC) project developed an integrated learning programme in order to help Erasmus Mundus students deal with issues of cultural diversity and, from a developmental perspective, use intercultural contexts to their advantage. Learning is contextualised within students’ own experience to allow them to compare the theoretical concepts with situations they encounter in their everyday study and life.

Based on the EMIC project experience, the EMIC Toolkit has been developed.The purpose of the EMIC Toolkit is to provide a flexible tool to support developing intercultural competences in similar contexts as the Erasmus Mundus programme. This Toolkit is composed of a series of learning activities and resources to be used as a reflection tool to support students develop intercultural competence. Activities are organised in a blended modality: 10 hours of face-to-face workshop and 8 to 11 hours of online activities. The EMIC Toolkit also offers easy to use strategies for customising and implementing contextualised learning activities in the users’ own cultural and academic contexts through guidelines and examples of good practices.

You can view the toolkit on the following link: EMIC Toolkit Draft

Pleas note that this EMIC Toolkit is a draft version and that the final version will be published on this website once all the feedback from reviewers has been received and graphic design completed. If you have any comments on the current version please forward to

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